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Around the web, September 9

  • Are Americans more litigious? Where the legal system works and doesn't. [Rasmusen/Ramseyer @ SSRN; Fisher @ Forbes]

  • Questionable nastygram sent by plaintiffs' firm to client who disclosed mass-tort nuisance settlement offer. [Frankel; earlier]
  • More bad laws named after dead people: turns out fear of bath salts was unjustified, but law is still on books. [Balko]
  • Obama's illegal move on immigration. [Rivkin/Casey @ WaPo; earlier on Obama administration disregard for rule of law]
  • 9/13 Federalist Society debate in DC on confronting terrorism: Mukasey v. Barr. [Fed Soc]
  • Press coverage on the Cobell appeal. I am accused of having a "noted legal mind." [Cronkite News; BLD; CCAF]
  • Obama administration planning to freeze foreclosures? I'm skeptical that they'd be that irrational. [Bader]
  • Government failure and market failure: when comparing the performance of markets to government, markets look pretty darn good. [Becker @ WSJ]

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