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Around the web, September 2

  • If the antitrust laws are to protect competition, rather than competitors, why is Sprint's stock surging upon news of DOJ's suit to block the AT&T/T-Mobile merger? [Wright @ TOTM; more; Manne @ TOTM]

  • The need for FCPA reform; government prosecutions show overreach. [National Law Review and Gibson Dunn via Reuters via CJAC]
  • Jon Huntsman plan proposes repeal of Dodd-Frank and part of Sarbanes-Oxley. [Huntsman; WSJ]
  • Devil's bargain: Wall Street and the Martin Act. [Olson @ NY Post via OL]

  • Iowa Supreme Court rejects proposal to keep lawyer discipline secret. [Des Moines Register; earlier @ OL]
  • "Congress Resiscitating Honest Services Fraud" [Right on Crime]
  • This "article argues that a symbiotic relationship exists between plea bargaining and overcriminalization because these legal phenomena do not merely occupy the same space in our justice system, but also rely on each other for their very existence." [J L Econ & Policy @ SSRN]
  • Erwin Chemerinsky was kind enough to represent attorney Stephen Yagman without pay in his criminal trial and appeal; now Yagman is claiming ineffective assistance of counsel. [Patterico; earlier at POL and OL]

  • What media bias? A telling Freudian slip in a New York Times story. [Mac Donald]
  • Bluetooth decision a "small blow for common sense." The "Hearing Health Matters" summary is incorrect, though: the settlement was for class members who didn't suffer any hearing injury. That's how ridiculous it was. [TMCNet; Hearing Health Matters]

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