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"Trial lawyers prep for war on Perry"

Politico covers the plans of the litigation lobby to attack candidate Rick Perry, who has made tort reform the centerpiece of his campaign.

America's trial lawyers are getting ready to make the case against one of their biggest targets in years: Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Among litigators, there is no presidential candidate who inspires the same level of hatred - and fear - as Perry, an avowed opponent of the plaintiffs' bar who has presided over several rounds of tort reform as governor.

And if Perry ends up as the Republican nominee for president, deep-pocketed trial lawyers intend to play a central role in the campaign to defeat him. ...

Democratic Houston trial lawyer Steve Mostyn - who, along with his wife, Amber, donated nearly $9 million to Texas candidates and party committees in the 2010 cycle - said he's in the process of forming "some federal PACs" to take on Perry. ...

Perry spokesman Mark Miner said the campaign was fully prepared to engage a fight with trial attorneys on a national level, saying plaintiffs' lawyers "feed off the system" and inhibit job creation.

"Of course they're going to scream and shout when they feel that someone like Gov. Perry is standing in the way of them lining their pockets," Miner said.

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