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"Politicization of Justice Department Worsens"

You may recall the pseudo-scandal that the Justice Department hired attorneys with Federalist Society credentials; that most of the claims from the resulting lawsuit were thrown out got a lot less publicity. The Hanses von Spakovsky and Bader report that the Obama DOJ hiring process is even more consistently ideological than the Bush DOJ was ever accused of being.

Of course, one would want to see who isn't being hired: it's possible that no qualified Federalist Society members have applied in the last two and a half years because of distaste for actual or perceived Obama administration policies, or because of expected rejection, especially for something like the Civil Rights Division. And I'd like to see what the metrics are for the DOJ Honors or Bristow programs, where there would be a much smaller chance of ideological preferences deterring applicants—especially in this economy.

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