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Around the web, August 25

  • Richard Epstein et al. on the FTC on intellectual property. [SSRN via Manne]
  • Another Texas attorney charged in judicial bribery case. If the government case isn't entirely fictional, this has to be the tip of the iceberg, because either the attorneys approached the judge or the judge approached the attorneys over the possibility of bribery without anyone thinking "Gosh, this is so unusual, I'm almost sure to be caught committing a felony when the other side reports it." [ABA Journal; earlier]
  • The Fairness Doctrine is officially removed from the FCC books. [WaPo]
  • 2% of federal budget is administered by Social Security Administration ALJs making overgenerous disability determinations. Unconstitutionally? [Pierce @ SSRN via Kerr @ Volokh]
  • Second Circuit acknowledges that the Supreme Court really meant it when they said subclasses with conflicting interests required separate representation, strikes down freelance writers settlement. [Trask; Frankel via Karlsgodt; In re Literary Works]
  • California woman flees police in car chase, flees car and hides, sues over injuries from resulting K-9 attack because police didn't yell "Police dog!" As if that would've made a difference when the sirens didn't. [KCRA via Cal CALA]

  • New Classmates.com settlement a 22-fold improvement over the old settlement after successful CCAF objection, but it still violates Bluetooth. [CCAF; earlier]

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