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Around the web, August 19

  • Unintended but totally predictable consequence of capping debit-card interchange fees is that banks are now charging low-income debit-card users more money. [TOTM; earlier]
  • CJAC: legal reform is one painless way to achieve necessary California court budget cuts. [Capitol Weekly]
  • Likely unconstitutional California ballot proposal would ban home foreclosures. [BLD]
  • Do sex offender registries reduce sex crimes? [Adler @ Volokh; Marg Rev]
  • Virtual animals face real-life litigation. [WSJ via @bobdorigojones]
  • Do disability benefits discourage work? (Yes.) [RAND]
  • Romney was right: corporations are people. [NJ.com]
  • McConnell on Hamilton on the debt crisis. [Hoover]
  • Cuomo scores labor win. [Public Sector Inc.]
  • California legislator proposes requiring hotels to purchase fitted sheets. [City Watch LA]
  • Video-game company suggests settling lawsuit with competitor in trial by video-game combat. [Kaus]

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