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Around the web, August 11

  • Exxon Mobil asks for en banc review of 2-1 DC Circuit decision with expansive view of Alien Tort Claims Act. [BLT; Doe v. Exxon Mobil petition for rehearing en banc]
  • Loser pays in action: Mattel's unsuccessful suit against competitor trying to take credit for competitor's successful Bratz dolls will now require it to pay other side's $137 million legal bill. [Volokh]
  • CJAC seeks disclosure of Orange County's contingency-fee arrangement with private law firm against Toyota over bogus sudden-acceleration theory. [BLD]
  • Million dollars in legal fees over a dispute about burger smells that was resolved with $90,000 ventilation system. [BLT]
  • Rescuers sue woman they saved from burning vehicle. [AP/law.com]
  • Dodd-Frank side effect: devastation of Congo. [NYT via Bader and OL]
  • "Havana Club" brand name not misleading because bottle label acknowledges that the rum is manufactured in Puerto Rico. [Bloomberg]
  • Watch what you say about lawyers: Public Citizen sued for writing about litigious lawyer's 100-page pro se complaint. [Levy @ CLP Blog]
  • Richard Epstein and John Yoo have a podcast. [Ricochet]
  • Colorful opinion: "Madder than mosquitos in a mannequin factory." [Olson]

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