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Around the web, July 29

  • Coverage of the Rice Krispies objection from an interesting new original-reporting legal news website, Business Law Daily. [BLD]
  • I wasn't that impressed with the ABA Journal's "30 Lawyers, 30 Books" list. And it seemed that they only found room for one right-of-center lawyer, Professor Eugene Volokh. But I do wholeheartedly concur with Volokh's recommendation for Ward Farnsworth's The Legal Analyst, which is perhaps the most systematic guide to clear thinking this century.
  • Mississippi Supreme Court stays fishy $322M asbestos judgment. [LNL; earlier on POL]
  • Governor Jerry Brown, apparently nostalgic for Rose Bird, nominates Goodwin Liu to California Supreme Court; his confirmation will be a formality. This gives Asian-Americans four seats out of seven on the Court, with the only Latino on the Court retiring for the big bucks of mediation, so one would expect quota advocates—like Goodwin Liu—to call for affirmative action. [Whelan; Severino; LA Times]

  • Attorney-general cy pres slush fund in Arkansas. [Greenberg via Overlawyered; more on cy pres at POL]
  • What isn't being reported in that Justice at Stake poll on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. [Pero; earlier on POL]
  • Google lawyer says patents gumming up innovation. [Bloomberg]
  • Lawyers behaving badly: fight at the end of a deposition. One of these two lawyers is committing perjury, and if it can be proved which one, he should be disbarred. And somehow, it's hard to think that the aggressor was the one who had to miss the ex parte hearing because of a mandatory chemotherapy session with his oncologist. What does the court reporter say? [ATL]
  • McDonald's engages in defensive restauranting, adds apples to Happy Meals; 89% of parents prefer fries. Meanwhile, Campbell's discovers that people prefer salt in their soup. [Olson @NYDN; Chi. Tribune]

  • "Aussie Woman Seeks Workers Comp for Injury During Hotel Sex" [ABA J]
  • In an age of debt crisis, why aren't we auctioning unused broadband spectrum? [Brito @ Time]

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