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Around the web, July 27

  • Tort reform working in Mississippi. [LNL; Behrens @ Obstetrics & Gynecology]
  • Three cheers for the intellectual honesty of Larry Tribe in the debt ceiling debate. [McConnell via Volokh]
  • Relatedly, I'd rather have Michael McConnell on the Supreme Court instead of blogging, but Michael McConnell blogging is still worthwhile.
  • "Obama Administration Creates New Debts to Pay Off Trial Lawyers Even as it Demands Increase in Debt Ceiling" [Bader]
  • FDA proposes regulation of distribution of health information on mobile devices. Meanwhile, House committee looks at the issue of the costs of FDA false negatives. [Reason; earlier on POL]
  • The legal cartel skimps on regulating its members, but they push very hard against unlicensed competition. [Fisher @ Forbes; Ribstein; see also Lanctot @ SSRN via Ribstein]
  • Skilling's legal team turns out another legal brief that devastates a bad Fifth Circuit opinion. [Kirkendall]
  • Jurisdiction-shopping shenanigans. [Beck]
  • Remembering Amchem—a decision that demonstrates that the Supreme Court's insistence on adhering to procedural protections in class actions can work in favor of plaintiffs, as well as defendants. [Trask]
  • The union guide to intimidation for dummies, exposed. [Wash Times]
  • DOJ malpractice in the Fast & Furious scandal. [Weekly Standard]

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