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What media bias? files

NPR reporter Snigdha Prakash has written a book on the Vioxx litigation, entitled All the Justice Money Can Buy: Corporate Greed on Trial.

Given that Merck has essentially been vindicated by the results of the Vioxx litigation, the title suggests extraordinary bias. (The book's description makes clear that the author was pretty much embedded on the Mark Lanier trial team.) I look forward to flipping through the book to see if the author took any opportunity to ask obvious skeptical questions of Lanier's tactics, but I can guess the answer. The index does not cite me or Richard Epstein.

The book does have the reveal (page 285) that the lawyers for the Humestons, who won a $47.5 million verdict, advised them to accept a settlement offer from Merck for $1 million, which shows the value that the plaintiffs' lawyers put on their own most successful cases if they had to defend them in appellate court, and vindicates my skepticism of the result in the face of criticism from plaintiffs' attorneys. The Humestons did settle for a confidential amount, and criticize their lawyers in the book.

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