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Around the web, June 16

  • Judge Bamberger, already removed from Kentucky bench for his role in the fen-phen scandal, faces disbarment. [Cincinnati.com]
  • Sensenbrenner seeks reform of "impenetrable" FCPA law; DOJ opposes constraints on prosecutorial power. [NYT/Reuters; WSJ; House Judiciary hearing]

  • Mississippi high court hears Sears case on non-economic damages caps. [AP/Forbes; earlier]
  • Haggling over med-mal reform in North Carolina; product liability reform dead. [News-Observer]
  • Special-interest defendants victimized by business-method patent troll who has already collected $400 million seek targeted legislation from Chuck Schumer in patent-reform bill helping with their particular case, while leaving other business-method patents relatively unscathed. [NYT via Yglesias ("Can't they both lose?")]

  • Good news for the First Amendment from New York: message board not liable for pseudonymous comments, even when message board reposts one of the comments as a separate post. [Volokh; Shiamili v. The Real Estate Group of New York, Inc.]
  • Sixth Circuit finds another disingenuous reason to indefinitely postpone an execution; Judge Rogers persuasively dissents. [Adler @ Volokh; Carter v. Bradshaw]

  • 38 state AGs oppose class action settlement by Encore Capital Group. [WSJ]
  • Medicare recipients already face de facto rationing through queueing effects. [MR]
  • A modest proposal to increase both jobs and safety. [Murray @ CEI]

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