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Around the web, June 7

  • Contrary to claims that the Supreme Court is in big business's pocket, SCOTUS unanimously eliminates loss-causation prerequisite for securities litigation class certification, but that might not save the sketchy lawsuit against Halliburton. [Frankel; Trask; Erica John Fund v. Halliburton]
  • Plaintiff and defense bars work together in Texas Senate to water down loser pays legislation still further. [WLF]

  • Medicaid provision of PPACA has its own constitutional problems. [Epstein/Loyola @ WSJ]
  • SCOTUS lets stand Montana ruling expansively interpreting American Pipe tolling provisions. [Wajert; earlier on POL]
  • Congress considering expanding the already-overbroad Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. [Kerr @ Volokh; OL]
  • Seventh Circuit holds ADA permits suit by bridge worker who expressed fear of heights. [OL]

  • Driverless cars. [Tyler Cowen; earlier on POL]
  • Government engaging in unconstitutional searches of Web activity? [Titch @ Washington Times]
  • Obama relies on Bush administration OLC memo to argue that "signing" a bill includes authorized use of an autopen when president not physically present. [Volokh; OLC]

  • Liability fears keep first-aid kit away from Ed Helms on movie set. [Tonight Show (h/t Bob Dorigo Jones)]
  • Ted Frank puts his money where his mouth is. [Frankel; ABAJ; Blackman; Ribstein; the POL post they're all talking about]

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