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Courtney Love sued by her former lawyers

An interesting quirk of libel law: which fact would make you more likely to think poorly of an attorney and refuse to hire them?

  • Courtney Love, who regularly makes over-the-top statements, criticized the lawyer, Rhonda Holmes, in an over-the-top tweet a year or two ago.
  • Rhonda Holmes sued her former client seeking punitive damages when the client criticized her, ensuring that millions of people would hear about a long-ago-forgotten tweet.

I vote for the latter. In the twenty-first century, any attorney who is unaware of the Streisand Effect is, in my opinion, committing legal malpractice and victimizing their client if they fail to warn their client about it. But many attorneys are just happy to take cash from a wealthy plaintiff to bring meritless litigation that makes their client worse off. Holmes's firm seems to be acting in its own behalf, so that's not the case here, but I certainly wouldn't hire any firm that shows such a lack of judgment; if nothing else, spending attorney time shaking down a mildly deep-pocketed former client suggests that these attorneys can't keep themselves busy in more productive ways. [Hollywood Reporter via ABAJ via Torts Prof]

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