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Sobel v. Hertz: CCAF objection to Nevada coupon settlement

Daniel Greenberg of the Center for Class Action Fairness LLC has filed an objection on behalf of two class members to a coupon settlement where the attorney-fee request does not even begin to comply with the basic Class Action Fairness Act requirements of 28 U.S.C. ยง 1712. We are mystified how the plaintiffs intend to justify the settlement; perhaps they will contend that the $10 discount "certificates" issued to the class are not coupons. The attorneys and class representatives are asking for $1.46 million without even an attempt to predict the redemption rate of these certificates.

The case is Sobel v. Hertz Corp., No. 06-cv-545 (D. Nev.), and the fairness hearing will be in Reno May 17.

(The Center for Class Action Fairness LLC is not affiliated with the Manhattan Institute.)

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