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In Wisconsin, Prosser wins

With all counties having canvassed the votes, incumbent state Justice David Prosser has defeated Assistant Attorney General Joanne Kloppenburg for a 10-year term on the Wisconsin Supreme Court by 7,316 votes. Kloppenburg can request a taxpayer-paid recount (the deadline is Wednesday 5 p.m. for the request) but the largest statewide margin ever overcome in a recount was 500 votes.

From Daniel Foster at National Review Online, a transcription of Prosser's comments at a news conference, including:

A public office is a public trust. While I have certainly made misstatements and mistakes along the way, I have never broken the public trust. This proposition was challenged repeatedly and viciously throughout the campaign. My detractors set out to paint a false picture of who I am and what I believe. "

Powerful forces, not always clearly identified, attempted to turn this election. . . into a referendum on the governor of Wisconsin. . . [As a result] the qualifications, experience, even the identity of my opponent became irrelevant. Fortunately the people of Wisconsin rejected this effort.


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