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Around the web, April 22

  • Overcriminalization and the Constitution. [Heritage]
  • Early coverage of the (still undocketed) CCAF Cobell objection, including the first conspiracy theory. [Plains Daily; ATL; Popehat; Overlawyered; Turtle Talk; earlier]
  • "How is it that the government can prosecute someone for not providing an agency with what they claim is discoverable material, while not prosecuting DOJ attorneys who fail to provide constitutionally mandated discoverable material to defense attorneys?" Feds re-indict former Glaxo in-house lawyer. [Corporate Counsel/law.com]
  • Does clinic representation make a difference for clients? NB obvious "civil Gideon" implications. [Concurring Opinions via Olson]
  • "More disclosure may be a good idea. But the way to get it is to fix securities litigation." [Ribstein]

  • "Public Interest Objectors in Class Action Settlements" [Karlsgodt]
  • SEC proposes crackdown on Wall Street bonuses. [Dealbook/NYT]
  • In defense of habeas. [Greenfield; earlier]
  • Spitzer's role in causing the financial crisis? [Ribstein; WSJ]

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