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Around the web, March 1

  • Post-trial decision in Vivendi shareholder class-action applies Morrison to throw out most of the claims. [Trask]
  • Link roundup on Cobell fee-grab attempt. [Overlawyered; earlier]
  • Classmates.com is no more, but they still have a class action to deal with after the settlement was thrown out. [Paid Content; earlier]
  • Cato amicus challenges application of False Marking Statute. [Cato; earlier]
  • Government arguing against allowing amicus briefs in criminal cases. [Torts Prof]
  • Scott Greenfield agrees with me on the poorly-thought-out New York state court conflict-of-interest rules. [Simple Justice; earlier]
  • Texas "Judge Asks to Seal Own Depo in Libel Suit He Filed." [ABAJ]
  • Proto-blogger Mickey Kaus now at the Daily Caller. [Kausfiles]
  • Murder trial of the century, 1806 edition. [HistoryNet]
  • Hey, if it worked for the Huffington Post, we can search-engine optimize, too: Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen says he'll sue CBS! [NY Times]

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