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Wacky warning - Super Bowl ad division

Kia recently released a one-minute commercial for its Optima with the premise that it was so desirable that increasingly implausible means were used to steal one: helicopter heist team steals one, has it stolen by Poseidon, who loses it to flying saucer, etc. At one point, 38 seconds in, aliens are seen driving the Optima fast on a mountainous interstellar world (green sky, multiple moons) when Mayan priests use interdimensional portals to swipe the vehicle and bring it to a pre-Columbian temple. The commercial was recently modified for broadcast from the Super Bowl version to add a disclaimer when the alien is driving it: "Professional driver on closed course. Do not attempt." Do not attempt to drive a Kia Optima on a mountainous interstellar world into an interdimensional portal!

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