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Around the web, February 13

  • Tort reform in Wisconsin? Package passed to undo bad Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions, establish Daubert standards, cap punitive damages. [Sachse; Shopfloor; ALEC; NFIB]
  • "Uncommon Law: Ruminations on Public Nuisance" [Faulk @ BEPress]
  • Does David Frum want to criminalize agency costs? [Bainbridge]
  • How bad is the California Supreme Court's Kwikset decision? [Jackson; CJAC; Overlawyered]
  • Some plaintiffs' lawyers pretend that their real Toyota sudden acceleration lawsuit is over the lack of a brake override (which wouldn't prevent driver error); others continue to promote their junk science theory. [NLJ]
  • "Does America have a lawyer problem, or a law problem?" [Reynolds @ Washington Examiner]

  • "Arbitration records lift curtain on Milberg's legal woes" [NLJ]
  • Paging the Truth on the Market bloggers! When it comes to the North Carolina State Bar regulating attorneys overcharging clients, they're slow or unwilling to act, but they're quick on the draw when it comes to innovations that might lead to increased competition and lower fees: "Proposed NC Ethics Opinion Says Lawyers Can't Ethically Offer Groupon Deals." [ABAJ]
  • Andrew Grossman testifies to Senate Judiciary Committee that there isn't a free lunch when you let bankruptcy courts coerce mortgage modifications. [Senate Judiciary Committee]

  • Arbitrator awards $7.5 million to non-tenured teachers fired by Michelle Rhee. Thanks, teachers' union! [Washington Examiner]

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