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Around the web, February 1

  • Conservative and libertarian alternatives to originalism? [Kerr @ Volokh reposting Fed Soc panel]
  • Manatt pays $25M to settle malicious prosecution suit. One place where liability should be expanded: more law firms should be sued for bringing bad lawsuits. [American Lawyer]
  • Evidence of the SOX effect on IPOs. [Ribstein]
  • Interview with Victor Schwartz [TortsProf]
  • Deep pockets files: driver under influence of marijuana kills two, and jury hits insurance company that issued him a $15,000 policy with a $50M verdict. [OL]
  • Scott Greenfield discusses a recent motion to seal in the Third Circuit. [Simple Justice]
  • "Lawyer fighting St. Louis class action settlement." [LNL]

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