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Around the web, January 31

  • "Fighting Suits Saves Money for Chicago." Too many defendants fail to recognize that the short-term benefit of settling a single case cheaply costs more in the long run by attracting lawsuits that wouldn't have been brought otherwise. [NYT via @icjl]
  • Glenn Reynolds interviews Benjamin H. Barton, author of "The Lawyer-Judge Bias in the American Legal System." [PJTV; Bainbridge]
  • Avandia MDL judge, having made a bad Daubert decision on general causation, makes a bad one on specific causation as well. [Schachtman; earlier]
  • Ed Warren and Dan Troy on punitive damages. [GMU Law]
  • PLF brief in the Wal-Mart v. Dukes case. [PLF]
  • Todd Zywicki isn't surprised that credit card rates are at a record high after recent "consumer-protection" legislation. [Volokh]
  • IJ begins its fight on behalf of vending trucks. [Daily Caller]
  • Susan Saladoff of "Hot Coffee" runs away from interview with lawyers who might be skeptical of her one-sided take. [Abnormal Use]
  • Don't be so impressed by China's airports. [FrumForum]

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