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Around the web, December 30

  • The ten most interesting class-action articles of 2010. [Trask]
  • Robbins Geller (Bill Lerach's former firm) names client as plaintiff to lawsuit opposing merger that client says he supports. [Fisher @ Forbes]
  • Judge Diane Wood defends economic freedom. [Blackman]
  • California Supreme Court refuses to review appalling $21 million antitrust ruling against the SF Weekly; thus ensuring that the state's antitrust laws can continue to be used to eliminate competition. [SF Chronicle; TOTM]
  • I like Ohio's Richard Cordray more than the average Democratic AG, but an AG's office that says it won $7.6 million in consumer restitution in a state that big is sort of damning itself. [LNL]
  • Please note: I don't think the island of Manhattan is at any risk, and I didn't say anything that suggests otherwise. [NY Observer]

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