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"The defense counsel will get absolutely railroaded by Judge Walsh, and when I say railroaded, I mean prison raped."

Remember that appalling $500 million verdict in Nevada against pharmaceutical companies Teva and Baxter Healthcare over reused needles at the notorious Desert Shadow Endoscopy Center causing hepatitis? The more we learn about the verdict, the more appalling it is. George Knapp reports that Judge Jesse Walsh made unbelievably prejudicial rulings, including not allowing the defendants to present evidence that Desert Shadow managers ordered employees to disregard labeling and reuse needles. Even plaintiffs' lawyer Justinian Lane, who's never met a lawsuit against drug companies he didn't like, sees injustice. There are strange procedural shenanigans going on; a second judge made more reasonable evidentiary rulings in a parallel case, and the plaintiffs' lawyers succeeded in getting that case stayed.

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Rafael Mangual
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