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Around the web, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Prosecution of silicosis attorney who bribed insurance company officials to settle cases proceeds without "honest services" claims. [law.com; United States v. Hoeffner (5th Cir. 2010)]
  • Taxpayers pay government to sue itself in environmental cases. [Ciano @ Daily Caller]
  • Ribstein vs. Bainbridge on insider trading. [WSJ Law Blog]
  • The new issue of Journal of Tort Law focuses on Richard Epstein.
  • "Consider, too, the possibility that [San Francisco's anti-circumcision proposal] might drive those seeking circumcisions into the hands of back-alley mohels, sometimes charging outrageous fees and operating in circumstances that, because unregulated, might be much more dangerous to the patient." [Horwitz @ Prawfsblawg]
  • Google gives a $6 million bonus to an engineer; Gawker's sources suggest it was because she was female. Gawker doesn't ask: does this create a Title VII class action claim from male engineers? [Gawker]
  • As the government spends money fighting obesity, it is also spending money to open an IHOP in the yuppie Columbia Heights neighborhood in Washington, DC. [Freddoso @ DC Examiner]

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