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Around the web, October 29

  • After the leak of this Larry Tribe letter, we perhaps know who bad-mouthed Sonia Sotomayor to Jeff Rosen. The bad-mouthing of Justices Breyer and Kennedy (and smear of Diane Wood) are also in there. Don't miss the last-paragraph flattery. Above the Law unusually ignores the juicy story. [Whelan @ NRO; more; more]
  • State attorneys general demand that banks be more lenient with mortgage foreclosures, sue banks for being too lenient. [Jenkins @ WSJ via Stoll]
  • Credit scores are handy ways to predict job performance in hiring. So the EEOC is naturally against it. [OL]
  • New York state retroactively rewrites every mortgage in the state to forbid one-way fee-shifting. [NYLJ]
  • Happy birthday, Drug and Device Law Blog! [Abnormal Use]
  • Elizabeth Warren doing end-around Dodd-Frank procedures, checks and balances. [Freire @ Examiner]
  • Obama administration expected to shift to regulatory process after mid-term losses in granting trial-lawyer earmarks that expand liability. [WSJ]
  • A must-read article and book on the counterproductiveness of humanitarian aid: "If you use enough violence, aid will arrive, and if you use even more violence, even more aid will arrive." [New Yorker ($); The Crisis Caravan]
  • An entertaining polemic from a master of the art against Richard Blumenthal, but his Senate-race lead appears insurmountable. [Coulter]
  • I'm shocked, shocked, to find Paul Krugman being intellectually dishonest. [Cafe Hayek]

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