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Around the web, October 7

  • Summary judgment granted to Nintendo over putative class action over wrist-straps and Wii controllers. [Wajert; Elvig v. Nintendo (D. Colo.)]
  • Ninth Circuit first court to enforce Rule 23(h) as written; courts are no longer permitted to require objectors to file objections to fee requests before the fee requests are submitted to the court. Seems obvious enough, but just had it happen to me in the District of New Jersey. [Trask; In re Mercury Interactive Corp. Sec. Lit.]
  • Beverly Stayart perhaps improves her Google footprint, and is now known for her meritless lawsuit against Yahoo over the search results she found when she searched for her name. [Stayart v. Yahoo! (7th Cir.) via Bashman]
  • DOJ's newfound racial bias in the Voting Rights section. [Thernstrom/Clegg @ NRO]
  • The academic dishonesty of Brad DeLong. [Adler @ Volokh; Ribstein]
  • SeaWorld lashes out at negligent-infliction-of-emotional-distress lawsuit filed over trainer killed by orca during performance; questions why parents "did not immediately remove their 10-year-old son from the [viewing] area as opposed to letting him witnesss 'much of what transpired' -- only to later subject him to media attention." [On Point]
  • Cyrus Sanai sanctioned, unapologetic. [Ninth Circuit via Bashman; Patterico (and see comment #26 and #27)]

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