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Delaware Senate race: Christine O'Donnell's $7 million employment suit

A Weekly Standard blockbuster: The Intercollegiate Studies Institute says it fired Christine O'Donnell from her $65,000/year job because she was running a for-profit business. O'Donnell, now a Tea Party-candidate for the Republican Senate nomination in Delaware, sued for gender discrimination, alleging $7 million in damages. Among O'Donnell's lawsuit claims was damages for allegedly being forced to quit a master's degree program at Princeton—though she had not been admitted to Princeton or, indeed, even earned her bachelor's degree yet. O'Donnell dropped her lawsuit in 2008; she claims it was because of the inability to pay legal fees.

The Weekly Standard doesn't say so, but, of course, any successful Title VII suit will win attorneys' fees, so the only time employment-law attorneys insist on payment in advance is when they have no confidence in the case.

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