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"The Assault on the Elected Judiciary"

On September 9, Heritage is holding an event on judicial elections:

Is "Merit Selection" really apolitical, or does it just move the politics behind closed doors? Does elimination of elections create greater judicial independence, or turn our courts over to unelected elites by shutting out the electorate and reducing judicial accountability? Our distinguished panel, including Cliff Taylor, former Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court, and Colleen Pero of Pero Consulting, Inc. will discuss a study by the American Justice Partnership that explores the advantages of judicial elections and exposes the well-financed and ideologically-driven movement to eliminate judicial elections and allow special interests to capture the American judiciary.

My July 2008 post as well as Jim Copland's post on the subject remain valid today, especially since Justice Cliff Taylor—who is speaking at the Heritage event—lost his election campaign.

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