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Around the web, August 27

  • Intel CEO: US legal environment so hostile that it will cause tech decline. [CNET]
  • $2.2 million for the lawyers, $2080 for the class in California state Wells Fargo class action. [Schonbrun @ HuffPo]
  • WSJ posits that criticism of Feinberg comes from lawyers upset that they're not gettting a bigger slice of the $20B BP fund. [WSJ ($)]
  • The trial bar heads to Iraq. [WSJ ($)]
  • Lawyer recommends disbarment for Judge Joseph Bamberger in Kentucky fen-phen scandal four years after he resigned from bench over it. [Courier-Journal]
  • More on California $21M predatory pricing verdict. [Wright]
  • Eleventh Circuit amicus brief in Cappuccitti v. DirecTV cites Andrew Trask's must-read class-action blog. [WLF; earlier at POL]
  • New York Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights passes in slightly less onerous form than first proposed; includes mandatory overtime for live-in workers. [NLJ]
  • Two BigLaw firms sanctioned $2M for their role in meritless litigation filed by Ron Perelman against his in-laws. Appeals pending. [American Lawyer]
  • Renegade Republican Michigan Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Weaver resigns shortly before election, which may give benefit to Democratic candidate who can now claim incumbency. [Free Press]
  • The hypocrisy of MoveOn.org. [IJ]
  • Was Blagojevich jury deliberately hung by career Dem as a political move? And did prosecutors decide not to strike this obviously problematic juror for fear of Batson problems? [Ace; Patterico]

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