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Around the web, August 13

  • Nonsensical "predatory pricing" case could bankrupt newspaper, reducing competition in San Francisco. [Welch @ Reason via Overlawyered]

  • As a purchaser of Eclipse mints, I am intrigued by this Eclipse class-action settlement where the attorneys are asking for 33% of a $6M fund that is likely to mostly end up in a cy pres slush fund. [Jackson]
  • A postmortem on Burrow v. Arce, a corrupt aggregate settlement, and whether new ALI rules on aggregate litigation would make any difference. [Brickman @ SSRN via TortsProf]
  • New Federal Initiatives Project Paper on Title IX [Schmauch @ Fed Soc]
  • The Democrats have inadvertently performed a beautiful empirical test proving the proposition that increasing unemployment benefits increases unemployment. [Lott]

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