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Around the web, August 3

  • Fumento on the absurd reporting of the Toyota sudden acceleration NHTSA investigation. [Fumento]
  • More sins of omission in US v. Arizona. [Mac Donald @ Corner; earlier]
  • E.D.N.Y. refuses to dismiss class action alleging that VitaminWater doesn't do enough to disclose, well, something that it already discloses. [Jackson]
  • "Stock-Option Backdating Cases Reflect Costs Of Overcriminalization" [Hody & Kwedar @ WLF]
  • Al Gore innocent, though the details of why are less likely to make headlines or late-night talk show monologues than the false allegations that dragged him through the mud. [Portland DA memo @ WaPo]
  • Oops. Federal dietary guidelines often wrong in hindsight. Cf. Woody Allen, Sleeper. [Malanga @ City Journal]

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