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Around the web, July 26

  • Obama administration made illegal race-based decisions when closing GM and Chrysler dealerships. [Bader @ Examiner]
  • Taxpayers will indirectly fund AIG bailout of trial lawyers. [D&O Diary]
  • More job-killing from the Obama administration, in a "regulatory avalanche" of new obligations and liabilities. [Ogletree Deakins via OL]

  • San Diego lawyer resuscitates Molski strategy of threatening strike suits for ADA violations. [ABAJ]
  • Epstein and Yoo on liberal bias in law schools. I'll happily be a datapoint for the proposition that there exist conservatives who "don't want to go through the hassle of a biased hiring and promotion process." [Ricochet]
  • The mistrust industry. [Ribstein @ Forbes]
  • Beatles tribute band sues another Beatles tribute band for imitation. [Post @ Volokh]
  • Pharmaceutical industry loves Harry Reid these days. Which makes me considerably less inclined to speak out when the Reid-led Congress decides to give trial lawyers additional tools to sue the industry; for all I know, that was just part of the deal PhRMA cut for itself. [Timothy Carney @ DC Examiner]

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