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Around the web, July 2

  • Heather Mac Donald on stop-and-frisk. [NYT]
  • Dodd-Frank Act penalizes prudence. [Gelinas @ NY Post]
  • No charges for clippings-cutter P.L. Blake in Scruggs bribery scandal. [Clarion-Ledger and Clarion-Ledger via Olson]
  • S.D.N.Y. approves 25% fee on $225 megafund backdating class action settlement in Comverse Technology case. "While it may be that a lower percentage would also be sufficient, this court will not pretend that it has the expertise necessary to divine the ideal percentage." Um, except that's what Rule 23(h)(3) requires you to do. [PSERS objection via NYLJ via WSJ Law Blog]
  • Lawyers scramble for BP claim funds. [WSJ]
  • Toyota wins a consumer-loss class action in California federal court! But on a crank case defect recall, not the big alleged sudden acceleration case. [Jackson]
  • Philadelphia court throws out third-party payor Risperdal claim. [D&D Law]
  • DOJ whistleblower on the politically-motivated decision to drop a case against the Black Panthers. [Wash Times]
  • More on the SF cell-phone regulation. [Cal Biz Lit; earlier on POL]
  • More on Business Roundtable "buyers' remorse" for Obama agenda. [Strassel; earlier on POL]

  • Title IX follies. [Young]
  • The Jones Act saves jobs at a cost to consumers of about $1M to $4M/job, which, of course, means that it really costs jobs. [Juneau Empire]



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