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Wake up to lawsuits!

The "Litigation at Sunrise" presentations at the American Association for Justice's semi-annual conventions preview new, up-and-coming ways to sue (mostly) business. Creative, cutting-edge or far-fetched, the topics do promise additional costs to the economy and an expansion of American litigiousness.

Children's dental centers are a target? How interesting ....

AAJ's summer convention this year is July 10-14 in Vancouver, B.C., and the schedule lists two "Litigation at Sunrise Sessions." Here, then, are the topics being presented by attorneys from the United States. (Canadians are also presenting Monday but on broader areas.)


  • Tripping Up the Utility Company: Millan v. PAWC, Lawrence Spegar, PA
  • Gardasil, Melissa Fry Hague, PA
  • The Effect of General Releases on Qui Tam Cases, Loren Jacobson, TX
  • Vaginal Mesh, Mark T. Sadaka
  • Radiation Overexposure, Emily Hawk Raley, AL
  • Quick-Set Infusion Sets: Another Metronic Recall, Yvonne M. Flaherty, MN
  • Toyota Sudden Acceleration and Other Resources from the AAJ Exchange, R. Graham Esdale, AL
  • Foodborne Illness, Richard J. Arsenault, LA


  • DUI Fatalities, Troy N. Giatras, WV
  • The Dangers of Magnets in Toys, Sim Osborn, WA
  • Litigation Against Children's Dental Clinics (Small Smiles), Pamela A. Borgess, OH
  • Patent Infringement Damages, Christopher A. Seidl, MN
  • Industrial Farming, Richard H. Middleton, Jr., GA
  • Federal Labor Standards Act, Amanda A. Farahany, GA
  • Fighting Mandatory Arbitration After Rent-A-Center, F. Paul Bland, DC
  • ABCs of IRS Whistleblower Fraud Cases, Laura Baughman, TX
  • Elevator Accidents, Dale K. Perdue, OH
  • Plastic Surgery Malpractice, Spencer M. Aronfeld, FL

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