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The Debrahlee Lorenzana "fired because I was too hot" allegations

Debrahlee Lorenzana is making a splash on the news with her claims she was fired from a Citibank bank because she was "too hot" in her fashion choices. But it's worth remembering that her lawyer, Jack Tuckner, once complained that the media didn't try to get both sides of the story before reporting lurid allegations about a sexual harassment case against him. So it's worth noting Citibank's side of the case: "Ms. Lorenzana has chosen to make numerous unfounded accusations and inaccurate statements against Citibank and several of our employees. While we will not discuss the details of her case, we can say that her termination was solely performance-based and not at all related to her appearance or attire. We are confident that when all of the facts and documentation are presented, the claim will be dismissed."

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