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Around the web, June 4

  • Manhattan Institute event, June 10: Former AG Mukasey introducing Hudson Institute's Gabriel Schoenfeld on the press's role in publishing leaks of sensitive national-security information. [MI]
  • 17 out of 33 judges ruling on the question have stayed proceedings in litigation over the BP/Transocean oil spill. The real question is why the other 16 are requiring duplicative litigation activities given the near-certainty that a multi-district litigation will be created in July or August to consolidate pre-trial proceedings. For some reason, the NLJ coverage doesn't mention the pending motions before the Judicial Panel for Multi-District Litigation. [National Law Journal; Business Week]
  • Class action settlement over VW sunroofs: $8 million for repairs for class, $31.5 million for attorneys. Stay tuned about this one! [OL; Major; Settlement website]
  • ASM Capital buying claims in Madoff litigation for twenty cents on the dollar cash up front. The trustee expects to recover between 15 and 50 cents on the dollar eventually, which is quite remarkable, really. [WSJ via ABA Journal
  • The persecution of Gilbert Arenas. [Reason]
  • More on Dean Martha Minow's role in the Harvard email scandal. [Weekly Standard; MTC]
  • Annals of the obvious: Tweets on Twitter can be used as evidence in divorce cases. [Mid-Day (India)]
  • The danger of a government with unlimited power. [Will @ WaPo]



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