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Around the web, May 26

  • West Virginia court throws out 1400 absestos suits after plaintiffs' lawyer linked to fake doctors' report fails to provide expert testimony in support of claims. [Legal Newsline]
  • George Priest and William Levi argue that Justice Stevens moved the Court in the right direction in antitrust law, but the evidence they cite is considerably more mixed than they suggest: Aspen Skiing, for example, is hardly an especially economically sound monopolization opinion. [National Law Journal]
  • BP leak case ripe for class-action abuse. [Fox Business]
  • Does a partial retrial limited to punitive damages violate the Seventh Amendment? The pending Wyeth LLC v. Scroggin cert petition raises the question. [Mass Tort Defense; Cutting; WLF amicus; SCOTUS docket; earlier on Bloomberg]
  • Federalist Society panel on use and abuse of California's ยง 17200 law. [YouTube]
  • Hooters' waitress sues for weight discrimination. [ABA Journal]
  • Maybe PETA will take a stand on terrorism now. [Jerusalem Post]



Rafael Mangual
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