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Around the web, May 19

  • Though, alas, I don't think his opposition to Stoneridge and Iqbal was what did it, Senator Arlen Specter lost his primary last night. We'll miss Victor Schwartz's impersonations. One hopes that Specter doesn't respond to his lame-duck status with even more efforts on behalf of spiteful and destructive pro-trial-lawyer legislation.
  • New issue briefing page on corporate criminalization. [Searle Institute]
  • Alex Tabarrok refutes Paul Krugman on the legal implications of the BP oil spill. [Marginal Revolution; also, Olson @ Cato]
  • WSJ on the odd en banc blow-up in Comer v. Murphy Oil. [WSJ]
  • WaPo editorializes in favor of preemption in consumer financial protection. [Elsewhere in WaPo]
  • Dentists lose implausible case against insurers at early stage, thanks to Twombly/Iqbal. [NLJ; American Dental Association v. Cigna (11th Cir.)]
  • Bad Ninth Circuit ruling on vouchers before Supreme Court. [Will @ WaPo; Heartland; Winn v. Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization]
  • Heads I win, tails is a do-over: Obama's aunt, Zeituni Onyango, wins asylum on the third try after living illegally on taxpayers' expense for nearly a decade and disregarding a deportation order. Because who could be in more danger of political persecution in her home country than the relative of a wildly popular political figure? This really should be a much bigger scandal: the immigration court decision is inexplicable. NY Times coverage forgets to mention she overstayed her visa. [NYT; Derbyshire @ Corner]

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