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Around the web, May 4

  • Heather Mac Donald defends the Arizona immigration law. [City Journal]
  • "A Case Study in Judicial Nullification: Medical Malpractice Reform in Illinois" [von Spakovsky @ Heritage]
  • Ed Whelan rebuts Richard Painter on Goodwin Liu. [Bench Memos]
  • May 25 at the Chamber of Commerce: "U.S. Regulatory Policy and Free Enterprise: The Impact on Economic Recovery," with Chris DeMuth discussing the growth of federal regulation. [NCF]
  • "Congressional Research Service memo raises fresh constitutional questions about Obamacare" [Daily Caller]
  • Liberals discover that State AG meddling in climate science disputes can cut both ways. [Chris Mooney @ Discover]
  • Is it me, or was Chief Justice Roberts hazing Justice Sotomayor when he assigned her the lack-of-empathy-but-legally-obvious unanimous immunity opinion of Hui v. Castaneda? (And note that a Ninth Circuit panel of Reinhardt, Berzon, and Smith got it appallingly wrong.)



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Katherine Lazarski
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