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"Stuff" and nonsense

Ann McElhinney, Big Hollywood (via Osorio) on a tendentious environmental film that's reportedly been shown to 7 million kids in classrooms across America:

Problem is when children see Leonard's film in the classroom they don't get to hear about all the good things stuff does. Stuff gave my Dad a hip replacement at 91; I think that's good. Hospitals use loads of stuff so people don't die really young like they do in places where there's very little stuff. Your bicycle is made of stuff and your computer is made of loads of stuff not to mention your car. Artists use lots of stuff to make other stuff that they hope someone might like, like jewelry or movies or sculpture or paintings. Lots of stuff allows us to travel much further than our bicycle will take us, it allowed 45,000 people to travel from all over the world to Copenhagen in December 2009 to campaign against other people traveling across the world.

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