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Nothing new, no money for tort reform in latest health care bills

Before the Blair House confab on health care and then in a March 3 letter to members of Congress, President Obama made much of his acceptance of Republican ideas on health care reform, such as medical liability reform. The President's "compromise" was to express a willingness to support a $50 million appropriation for state demonstration projects on patient safety and medical liability, language contained as an authorization in the Senate bill.

The Congressional Budget Office on Thursday issued its analysis of the $940 billion House reconciliation package, H.R. 4872, Reconciliation Act of 2010. The charts cover estimated direct effects on spending and revenues.

On page 18 there is an indeed a reference to "State Demonstration Programs: Alternatives to Litigation." Total revenue and spending effects over the 10 years of the bill: $0.

Neither is there any reference to medical liability in the House bill text nor the supplemental materials.

(See below for the additional materials supplied the House majority leader.)

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Rafael Mangual
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