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SC Supremes Overturn $18M Plaintiff's Verdict in Auto Acceleration Case

The South Carolina Supreme Court has overturned a whopping $18 million verdict ina wrongful death suit resulting from the rollover of a Ford Explorer. The SUV overturned shortly after the driver engaged cruise control.

An electrical engineer had testified as an exper that electromagnetic radiation had interfered with the cruise-control system and caused the SUV to accelerate. But the Court found that the witness didn't know enough about Ford Explorers or their cruise control systems to be qualified to testify as an expert.

"He had no experience in the automobile industry, never studied a cruise-control system, and never designed any component of a cruise-control system," South Carolina Chief Justice Jean Toal wrote. Apparently the witness conceded that he had never even operated a vehicle with a cruise-control system, or published any articles on the subject.

Here's the Yahoo Finance report.



Rafael Mangual
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Legal Policy

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