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Around the web, March 24

  • By 4-3 margin Connecticut Supreme Court finds state's constitution guarantees all children "suitable" education, finance decrees to follow [CLT]
  • Welcome Mark Steyn readers (he linked to Rick Esenberg's post on health care and the constitution);
  • Comer v. Murphy Oil: "Suing our way to a carbon-free world" [David Freddoso, Examiner]
  • Dellinger: after Stevens retirement, seniority wrinkle might tip Justice Kennedy to side more often with liberal bloc [WSJ Law Blog]
  • Gender wage gap can be fully explained, yet advocates claim critical need for Paycheck Fairness Act [Mark Perry]
  • Critics say proposed compromise in Florida legislature wouldn't really restore reliable parental waivers of liability over kids' recreation [Orlando Sentinel] Trial lawyers playing defense on several other issues in Tallahassee including slip/fall suits, AG's use of outside counsel [Sentinel, Miami Herald, AP]



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