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Trial Lawyers, Inc.: A Guide to the Postings

Over the last week, I've covered the topics discussed in more detail in our new Trial Lawyers, Inc.: K Street report (PDF). The entries are listed below:

  • The Big Picture. Discusses the Trial Lawyers, Inc. series broadly, and asks three questions: How much do lawyers give? Don't other businesses give a lot, too? And why should we care?
  • Foundations. Explains in brief the evolution of substantive and procedural law that led to the growth of litigation in America, as well as the growth of the institutional plaintiffs' bar.
  • Public Relations. Examines how the trial bar influences public opinion through its connections to the legal academy, media, and consumer groups.
  • State Government Relations. Describes how the trial bar works to influence state government, looking at the judicial, legislative, and executive branches.
  • Federal Goverment Relations (I). Briefly reviews recent legislation passed by Congress that enriches the trial bar, by expanding employment liability, consumer liability, and whistleblower liability, and by limiting private arbitration for government contractors.
  • Federal Government Relations (II). Looks at prospective legislation, discussed in the K Street report, that will expand litigation by loosening pleading standards, expanding securities litigation, limiting federal preemption of state tort suits, restricting private arbitration contracts, and lowering taxes for contingent-fee-financed litigation.



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


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