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From the Toyota show trials

It was quite a day. When Rep Dan Burton (R-IN) began his remarks by saying "Let me just preface my remarks by saying we need tort reform", voice of moderation Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D-Pa.) cut in by saying "We should just forgive these companies and let them kill our people." [Musing Minds, with video of the exchange] Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood denied any tradeoff between safety, and, well, practically any other good: "I haven't seen so much posturing since I graduated Miss Elliot's Charm School for Gentlewomen and Girls." [Megan McArdle] Lawmakers and LaHood profess surprise and horror that large recalls are the subject of negotiation between agency and manufacturer and that the latter sometimes try to persuade regulators to let their products stay on the market when they view allegations as erroneous [NLJ] Electronic throttle control defended, with reader comments on both sides [Auto Prophet via Instapundit] Press coverage uncritically showcases views of Joan Claybrook (Public Citizen) and Clarence Ditlow (Center for Auto Safety) without mentioning those figures' long records of inaccurate if tireless trial-lawyer advocacy [Examiner]. "Thirty-one House Dems quizzing Toyota execs got UAW campaign cash," and that's not counting trial-lawyer support [Mark Tapscott, D.C. Examiner, via same]

More: Akio Toyoda said what he must have thought his captors wanted to hear, writes Michael Fumento.



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