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Around the web, February 26

  • Recommendation for bench appointments in UK official report: "Choose women, gay and disabled judges over white, middle-class men" [Times Online]
  • A law school? Spending upwards of $1 million for stadium naming rights? [Ron Coleman] And how common is it for a law dean to pull down $700K? [AtL, Ribstein]
  • Davis-Bacon helped deaden the stimulus [Kaus]
  • Richard Posner on FDR Court-packing episode [The New Republic] Also, the quotable Posner: "Litigation is not ping-pong" [AtL]
  • New Jersey Supreme Court assumes broad worldwide jurisdiction over manufacturers [Mass Tort Lit]
  • Denver lawprof: just abolishing employment at will isn't enough, let's go even further [Workplace Prof]



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