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Around the web, February 24

  • Other comments (besides Michael's) on Supreme Court's opinion reversing Ninth Circuit on corporate jurisdiction in Hertz Corp. v. Friend: Ann Althouse ("all 9 Justices embrace a clear rule over a more nuanced and litigation-breeding interpretation"), California Civil Justice ("a blow against jurisdiction-shopping trial lawyers"), Tom Freeland ("Rumor has it that one Ninth Circuit judge once said 'They can't catch them all.' They seem to be trying.")
  • White House may shake up regulatory review process at OIRA, injecting new criteria related to fairness and social justice [New blog from Robert Hahn and Peter Passell, Regulation2.0] WH announces improvements to RegInfo.gov [Penn Law RegBlog]
  • "Colorado bill would limit surveillance of injured workers" [Business Insurance]
  • Do the client families being blogged about here really all want this sort of Internet publicity for their cases? [a Chicago law firm]
  • Conference at GW Mar. 12 on ALI's Principles of the Law of Aggregate Litigation [Mass Tort Lit]
  • Calif. AG hopeful Ted Lieu, D-Torrance, is big enthusiast for private bar enforcement of consumer laws [Rizo, LNL]



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