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Legal drama, circa 1954

In 1954, WMAQ radio in Chicago broadcast a drama series in conjunction with the Chicago Bar Association, "Case Dismissed." Host of the program was John C. Fitzgerald, Dean of the Law School, Loyola University.

As the Old Time Radio Researchers Group summarizes: "The program shows us just how fragile liberty and justice can be. These stories of everyday events are still interesting, even after 50 years. Stories of criminal liability, legal wills, buying on installment, and leasing an apartment. Each story is well written, and the acting, though dated and a bit hokey by today's standards, still manages to achieve the desired effect." Agreed, it's pretty good.

The 12 extant episodes are available at www.archive.org here, and episode summaries are here. A recurring theme is the economic anxiety of people looking for work or having their jobs threatened. And: Get a lawyer!



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
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Manhattan Institute


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