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In defense of business on brain injuries, protective equipment

Radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt solicits a comment from his law partner, Gary Wolensky, on Congressional engagement in the issues involving brain injuries and head gear, most recently the subject of a House Judiciary Committee hearing in Detroit called by Chairman John Conyers. Wolensky has represented several industries in high-profile head and neck injury cases and has been involved in many related areas as an adviser. He remarks:

I can tell you that I have never worked with a company, team, organization or school district that hasn't taken the issue of concussions, its diagnosis, treatment, and long term effects, and the potential improvement of safety equipment including football helmets, very, very, seriously. Over the past few years nobody put their heads in the sand. Companies, associations, consultants, and schools are trying to figure out what are the long term effects of repeated concussions? Congressional hearings are interesting but the fact of the matter is that the last thing this controversy needs is Congressional oversight. Let them fix the mess they made by passing the abomination known as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

Earlier, "Also on the trial lawyer's agenda, college football injuries?" It's probably safe to remove that question mark.

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