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Citizens United reactions

Early reactions to the blockbuster free speech decision from Jacob Sullum, Reason; Jonathan Adler; Stephen Bainbridge (and more on the legal personhood of corporations); Ira Stoll with a note on Chuck Schumer; Ilya Somin; and Eugene Volokh (with more on the chilling effect of complexity in speech regulation, on the decline of the theory that broadcasting deserves less First Amendment protection than other speech, on Justice Stevens's contemplated press exception, and on the ruling's effects on mainstream media); Ann Althouse; Larry Ribstein.

P.S. And yes, now that you mention it, it is a rather one-sided list. This just isn't a day when I'm inclined to give the proponents of censorship equal time. For a more nuanced view critical of the decision as disrespectful of precedent, however, see Stuart Taylor, Jr.

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